• Time:  27.11.2019 9.00-17.00
  • Place: Kuopio, Technopolis, Microkatu 1, Piko -meeting room

Mathematical modelling has been proven to be established tools in tackling societal and industrial challenges and has seen significant advances, especially in terms of developing new methodologies, in the past decades. Impetuous to such developments was the need for providing innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for natural and industrial problems, better management of natural resources and the environment, and long-term predictions and risk-based analysis in natural and engineered systems. Yet, the accurate applications of model-based tools in real-scale systems are severely complicated and their performance is hindered by many challenges including system complexity and heterogeneity, inadequate data and uncertainty, lack of process understanding, multi-scale coupling, and limitations in computational resources. Therefore, further research is essential to develop new tools and methodologies addressing these challenges.

National modelling seminar is a traditional annual symposium within the network of Finnish researchers, scientists, academics, PhD/MSc students, professionals, practitioners, and authorities particularly working with numerical models. The theme of this year’s seminar is “Modelling for societal and industrial challenges”, and particularly targets researchers, practitioners, and engineers willing to present their latest research and modelling results from different application areas and discuss the current state-of-the-art knowledge as well as future directions. We welcome abstracts from everyone working with numerical modelling focusing on different disciplines such as climate change, global processes, atmospheric, environmental and water resources, geoinformatics, forestry, mining and mineral processing, and other industrial applications.

We hope to see you in Kuopio!

  • Organizers: Geological survey of Finland, Water association Finland
  • Target group: Doctoral students, researchers and experts working with numerical modelling

Abstracts and registration:
• Abstracts should be submitted by 1st November (
• Registration by 15th November (max amount of participants 100)
• The event is held in English and is free of charge


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