EWA Conference ”Bathing in the City” 7-8 September 2017

The European Water Association, in cooperation with DWA, Rhurverband and the City of Essen is organizing a Conference “Bathing in the City” on 7th and 8th September 2017 in Essen, Germany. Essen was awarded as the Green Capital of Europe for the year 2017. This will be the second event EWA is organizing in the Green Capital. In 2016 we were in Ljubljana, Slovenia also bestowed with this prestigious award.

The conference on the topic of “Bathing in the cities”  will be discussing the quality of bathing water in Europe. 40 years of investments in sewerage systems, improved wastewater treatment systems, and reduced agricultural pollution, have lead to cleaner bathing conditions in Europe. The conference will give an overview of the requirements and recommendations of the European Commission regarding the status of bathing water in Europe.

The first half of the conference will offer presentations by the European Environmental Agency, the City of Essen and IWW Water Centre where the status of bathing waters and how to achieve the status are focal point. In the second half of the conference, actual case studies both from the seaside in Copenhagen and lakes and rivers around Berlin, the Ruhr district and in Switzerland, as well as the challenges and opportunities arising from allowing the public to swim, are presented.

You will be able to find all necessary information such as the conference program and registration form on the conference website: http://www.ewa-online.eu/calendar-detail/events/bathing-in-the-city.html.